Melissia Bierschenk
I am the ‘Mel’ in MonMel and in the picture you can see my husband Monte ‘Mon’. Although he does not work with us at MonMel Logistics he is a huge support to me & has supported my career in logistics, which is not always easy. Also pictured is my son Nicholas & his girlfriend Sydney who are both currently attending OSU. I started in January 2010 as a freight broker specializing in temperature-controlled loads. I fell in love with logistics from the beginning. After working as an employee for Manning’s Truck Brokerage in Omaha, NE for almost 4 years I became an agent for Robert Heath Logistics. When Robert Heath was sold in August of 2020, I decided I wanted to control the way my carriers were paid & make sure they were paid in a timely fashion, so I decided to start my own brokerage & here we are! I was tired of being at the mercy of other people while trying to run my own company and if the buck stops with me then I might as well own the company. I take our customer & carrier relationships very seriously as those carriers that haul for me on a regular basis can tell you I put my blood, sweat & tears into my work. For my work life balance my husband & I raise Registered Texas Longhorns on our ranch in Southern Oklahoma.

Scherry Armstrong
I am the Texas piece of MonMel Logistics. I started my career in transportation in 1983 working part time at Yellow Freight to help pay for my education in law. Transportation or Logistics, as it is known today, quickly became my passion. I have worked in all modes of transportation including owning my own Brokerage and Trucking company for 20 years but my direction changed and that is when I met Melissia at Robert Heath Logistics. Her passion for transportation along with her work ethic was something I admired and so a few years later we connected and again recently for our next Adventure with MonMel Logistics.

Melissia is a force when she sets her mind to do something, as a woman in transportation and MonMel being a Woman owned business that recognizes Customer and carrier relations are the foundation of success, I am excited to be a part of the future with Melissia.

My other passion is my only daughter, Shelby. She is an ACRO Coach currently at LIU in Long Island, NY. We have moved Shelby from Texas to the West Coast and then to the East Coast in her search of her forever home driving every mile in her jeep with her 2 labs. We have seen some of the most beautiful places in the country, as in the picture, somewhere in Arizona.

I live in Texas and have my entire life; I have 3 dogs who have several acres to roam on but stay within 3 feet of me almost always. My weakness is Cigars and Bourbon but I work hard so I treat myself.